Glasgow Taxi Forum ( Update November 2021 )

The new taxi forum is now operational , for VERIFIED HACKNEYS DRIVERS ONLY

See the usual suspects :-) to gain access


Glasgow Taxi Forum ( UPDATE October 2021) ( watch HERE for updates )

A BRAND NEW forum is/has being created and likely launched during December 2021

this forum is designed for MOBILE phones ! ( you will need to download an APP)

it is for both android and apple but shall also be accessible via laptop/desktop/ipad

and sign up will be by INVITE ONLY , this will be a private

forum for ***VERIFIED*** hackney drivers only.

No member will be able to see your email or phone number , you

will only be known by whatever username you choose when signing up


Currently a small group of hackney drivers are testing this forum and details

will be announced here once changes have been implemented , it is hoped

this can go live in December 2021.

Forums Tested

SMF - requires constant updates and not good for mobile

Vbulletin - Excellant forum but requires constant updating and separate app for mobile

Slack GREAT but per user cost

Twist - terrific but per user cost

Telegram - not very good |( cannot create threads)

whatsapp - not very good ( cannot create threads)



::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ( Update 3rd August 2021 )

The Glasgow Taxi Forum is now DEAD , nothing can be recovered.

The server was an old one circa 2010 and the forum software required

an upgrade to PHP which was not possible on such an old server.

A new forum may or may not be set up , this domain expires May 2022.

Due to the expense of keeping a " .org " domain it is likely this domain

will dissappear in may 2022 however a similiar domain far cheaer will be obtained


Many Thanks to all the contributors over the years.